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The Ambiance Of Gaming Isn’t All Just What You See; It’s What You Hear Too.

The Ambiance Of Gaming Isn't All Just What You See; It's What You Hear Too.Let’s face it.  Gaming has become part of the norm.  I’m not talking about gaming in the ways of such games as sitting at a table playing a game of cards such as hearts or spades; I’m talking about video gaming.  Words like PlayStation and Xbox are known between all ages.  Video gaming isn’t just console gaming like those either; there are now gaming chairs, video slot machines and video poker at casinos.  (more…)

Own a Drone

Own a DroneWe all love the latest gadgetry and technological advances, it keeps us entertained and in scope with what’s out there. Technology is still changing and developing at a rapid rate and it has a big influence on our everyday lives. (more…)

Custom Gaming Computers

Custom Gaming ComputersDifferent people use their computers for different reasons, so it is no surprise that each person wants their computer to focus on certain areas which will serve to maximise its benefit to the user.  Gaming computers focus on three main areas; the video card which handles calculations regarding the display of graphics; the processor which runs everything behind the scenes and assures a quick gaming experience; and memory or RAM which as well as ensuring games don’t use hard drive space stores all game saves and other similar tasks. (more…)