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Is Gaming Good or Bad

Is Gaming Good or BadThere have been many studies and considerations into whether computer gaming is a good or bad thing for those playing them. There are equal arguments for both viewpoints, both as significant and valid as each other. However, both sides should be considered for those who are curious with regard to this for whatever reason, and who can be helped by these into forming their own opinion somewhere in the middle.

Reasons why it is good

Consoles tend to require a different approach to gaming than playing on a computer, and the way they work and have the player interact with the game is proven to be greatly beneficial to cognitive abilities of the player. This is mainly in the fact that there does have to be a certain amount of coordination to control the game with the controllers, which is exaggerated by some of the fast paced shooting and first person games that are so popular.

This cognitive ability is also helped in the fact that sometimes large maps have to be navigated and remembered and difficult objectives have to be accomplished. Minecraft is a good example of large maps and objections which are completed over a long period, and all the mods which can be found at give a higher range of variety.

The slightly contentious issue of whether the fact that games can teach important lessons such as working towards a goal is as much a personal one as a scientific one, and is perhaps this way because many people feel they should be learned from real life, which leads nicely onto the next argument.

Reasons why it is bad

There are several reasons as to why gaming could be good or bad, and these come from the nature of the content, and how they are played.

Starting with the former, the content of the games can be at times extremely violent or sexual in nature, and many of the times played by younger children. The effect this has on these younger children is immeasurable in my opinion considering how sensitive they are to their surroundings and how much is learned through mimicking at this stage.

This is only exacerbated greatly by the nature of how games are played; largely alone. When thinking of online games in which people can kill each other over the internet there is some concern as to the nature of how people are interacting, especially when this is a replacement to actual physical socialising.