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What Is A Video Console? Who Needs Video Consoles?

What is a video console? Who need to buy this kind of a game player? Well video games have become quite a common mode of playing especially by the children. The advancement of technology has seen the different video game manufacturers make the best and most advanced video games. A video game console is a device that is used to output video signals so that a video game can be displayed. Basically, a video game requires one to have a video game player and a computer monitor or a TV set. However, video game consoles are the ones that are used at home to play games on separate TV set as opposed to the ones that are handheld or the ones that can be used in the game arcades. (more…)

What is Gaming and is it Different from Sports?

People in most cases take games and sports to be one at the same time. The truth of the matter is that these are two different things all together. A game is an activity that involves more than one participants and the efforts of every individual counts. On the other hand, sporting activities only pertain to the skills and performance of the individual not the team. This means that it is the individual who is relied upon to bring out a good outcome in sports unlike in a game where the whole team will determine the outcome. In a game, the talent of an individual does not count but it does in a sport. Coordination of the members is more important therefore in a game to ensure success. An individual has no right to make a personal decision in a game. It must be a collective decision unlike in sports. (more…)