The Ambiance Of Gaming Isn’t All Just What You See; It’s What You Hear Too.

The Ambiance Of Gaming Isn't All Just What You See; It's What You Hear Too.Let’s face it.  Gaming has become part of the norm.  I’m not talking about gaming in the ways of such games as sitting at a table playing a game of cards such as hearts or spades; I’m talking about video gaming.  Words like PlayStation and Xbox are known between all ages.  Video gaming isn’t just console gaming like those either; there are now gaming keypads,video slot machines and video poker at casinos.

Let’s hit on console gaming for a minute though.  It’s the best place to talk about what brings modern day gaming to such a broad audience, right in their own living room.

There are many types of video games out there, such as; racing, fighting, shooters, adventure, and classic board games given a modern day video touch.  What makes a video game, a video game though?  It’s the fact that you take your mind on a trip through a medium that at one time was only to watch shows, and that’s your television.

It takes more than a pretty picture to make a video game though, it takes sound too to bring those pretty pictures even more life than they already seem to contain.  One way is through the developers using an advanced audio FX engine.  Gaming has become so evolved that some games even use real orchestras to provide the background music for their games.  That’s all well and good for music, but what about the sounds provided for other events.  The sound of car breaks squealing when they go around a fast turn, or the sound that Mario from Super Mario Brothers (Nintendo’s flagship hero) makes when he grabs a golden coin.  There is more to gaming than just the looks, but sound plays a very important role as well.

In scary games, such as in the popular Resident Evil series, there’s silence; then you hear eerie moans far away at first, but then seemingly becoming closer to where your character is.  (Which so happens to be in the middle of a cemetery, bringing many a gamer shivers up and down their spine.)  Or happier and familiar sounds like the aforementioned Mario every time he jumps over a block or a not so friendly Koopa Troopa turtle.  Advanced audio FX engine sounds bring even more depth to your game than just music and speech. However it can enhance the music by changing it up much like how a DJ mixes music tracks or it can add an echo to speech.

The possibilities in gaming ambiance are well enhanced by the use of an advanced audio FX engine.

Now, I’ve just been telling you about video game ambiance, and I am going to stick to that but with one other comment about audio FX.  It is used from DJ’s making mixes, to the sounds you hear right there where you are now, on your computer.  The annoying little beep when you make a mistake of sorts or the beeping sound you hear when you get a message.  Those are from FX engines as well.  Here’s a peek at what that technology looks like that’s designed to make you take notice to certain things, get your attention.

Back to video games though, so the next time you, a friend or family member is sitting totally mesmerized in front of the television at play.  Note what you hear.  Video games are more than looks, they are about sound too.  Take a second to notice and imagine it without the creepy sounds or the happy dings.  Sound does add to the ambiance of gaming after all.