Custom Gaming Computers

Custom Gaming ComputersDifferent people use their computers for different reasons, so it is no surprise that each person wants their computer to focus on certain areas which will serve to maximise its benefit to the user.  Gaming computers focus on three main areas; the video card which handles calculations regarding the display of graphics; the processor which runs everything behind the scenes and assures a quick gaming experience; and memory or RAM which as well as ensuring games don’t use hard drive space stores all game saves and other similar tasks.

Choosing the Video Card

There are four main areas which the video card focuses on and you should decide which is more important to you, and what kind you would like.  You should consider the resolution, game type, noise level, and SLI or crossfire.

The resolution is important in clarity on screen and is in charge of the visual area of your gaming experience.  This is one of the main things that gamers want to get right, as this does contribute a lot to how much you can immerse yourself in the game.  A higher resolution is achieved my more pixels on the screen, and the more there are, the higher processing power your computer will need.

The game type is an important area which you should consider as different games are optimised by different video cards.  Strategy games usually have less quick movement happening at any given time, and so do not require much quick and sharp detail as say a first person shooter.

The noise level of the video card is made from a fan which keeps it from overheating during over-use.  If you do not spend hours gaming, then you do not a fan to work hard keeping the card cool and can therefore cut out a lot of this extra noise.

The SLI allows you to combine the power of two gaming cards at once.  This is going to drastically improve your gaming experience as you can imagine.


A dual core processor is more than enough to run games on effectively, so you don’t need to think so much on stretching your budget to buying a quad core processor or more.


This is fairly important, but most computers will come with enough storage space.  You should buy a hard drive with enough space on to install your games on to save space.

More Information

More information on customising a gaming computer can always be made from asking the professionals. Computer Support Essex can provide this for anyone living in the Essex area, however if you are a gamer, the chances are that you enjoy computers, and if you do customising your own and doing it all yourself is good fun and rewarding.