Do healthy gamers exist?



When we think about gamers, we pretty much see an image in our minds of a 20-somehting year old guy who is slightly unkempt, overweight and sits in front of a screen all day. Thanks to the media, television programs and movies, most people think of gamers in this way.

The trouble is that this is a stereotype, and it’s one that is not correct. For example, my younger brother is in his thirties, he walks about 10 miles a day and watches what he eats. If you were to tell people that my younger brother is a gamer, they would probably be quite surprised.


The fact of the matter is that healthy gamers do exist, we as a society don’t tend to hear about them or acknowledge them as much as we do the stereotypical types. There are a lot of healthy gamers out there, they just happen to be people who enjoy gaming, and just as my brother does, undertake a bit of exercise and watch what they eat.

The gaming lifestyle

The gaming lifestyle does involve sitting for long periods of time, and staring at a screen, but this is something millions of office workers do around the country every day. While the office workers are unlikely to buy Sumo bean bags online so they can be a bit more comfortable when they play whatever game it happens to be, there are in essence doing the same thing.

The gaming lifestyle may well involve some people drinking a lot of soda, and eating a lot of processed high fat foods, but for the most part, it’s teenagers and those in their early twenties who tend to do this the most. You place young adults in a supermarket, and tell them to buy whatever they want, and most of them will buy something high in sugar, salt and fat.

Perhaps this is where the gaming stereotype came from, but the gaming is not like this for all gamers. The older gamers are likely to be more conscious about what they eat, and how long they spend in front of a screen.

An unfair stereotype

Healthy gamers do exist, in fact I was a gamer for about 10 years. I always watched what I ate, and I didn’t spend days on end locked in a dark room. The gamer stereotype is pretty much an unfair one, as for the most part, gamers have other commitments and simply cannot game 24/7.

Healthy gamers really do exist, but until society as a whole accepts that the stereotype is incorrect, they will continue to see it that way. I know that television and movies are slowly trying to change this misconception, but it’s likely to be years before we see a real difference.

If you are an unhealthy gamer

If you are an unhealthy gamer, and you want to change, then simply eat healthier foods, and try to get a little more exercise. You don’t have to go vegan or anything, just try to watch how much fat, sugar and salt you eat, and add a few of your favorite fruits and vegetables to your diet. As far as exercise is concerned, you don’t have to run a marathon, just try to be a little more active in all aspects of your life.

Think of it this way, if you eat a healthier diet, and you have more exercise, you’re going to be around a lot longer, which means you can enjoy gaming for longer too.