What is Gaming and is it Different from Sports?

People in most cases take games and sports to be one at the same time. The truth of the matter is that these are two different things all together. A game is an activity that involves more than one participants and the efforts of every individual counts. On the other hand, sporting activities only pertain to the skills and performance of the individual not the team. This means that it is the individual who is relied upon to bring out a good outcome in sports unlike in a game where the whole team will determine the outcome. In a game, the talent of an individual does not count but it does in a sport. Coordination of the members is more important therefore in a game to ensure success. An individual has no right to make a personal decision in a game. It must be a collective decision unlike in sports.

What do we call the person taking part in a game? The participant in a game is a player while that in sport is referred to as sports person or an athlete. In addition to this, the outcome of the game is usually dependant on the mental strength while for sports, it based on physical strength. There is a high element of competition in a sport unlike in a game. But it is possible to turn sports into a game. For example, horse racing is a very popular sport but has been turned into video games among other examples. And by the way you can now shop for horse bits and spurs online if you are a fun of horse racing sports and own one or two horses.

What are the advantages of gaming?

Some people just do gaming as a hobby and a way of passing time but have no idea of the benefits they reap from this. Gaming improves your mental capability. You have to maintain a high concentration and use strategies that will enable you emerge successful. Playing a game that is really challenging will help you improve on your thinking ability. Moreover, there is increases eye-hand coordination especially with the high speed games. You can also get to interact with other people if you play against another online player. Some games also impart necessary skills like courage, confidence and a mentality of success on the players. There are other games which impart knowledge about life issues on the players. It is also a good way to relax and spend your leisure time.

Are there disadvantages with gaming?

Oh yes! There are some disadvantages of gaming one of the major problems being addiction. A person who gets addicted to these games will spend more time here and neglect other duties. This reduces the productivity of an individual. Moreover, it could affect the social life of an individual. A person who spends too much time in front of a screen will have less time for friends and this means that there may be problems when it comes to developing long lasting relationships. Gaming also takes care of the mental development only and neglects the other aspects of individual growth especially the physical growth. This is a great risk to the overall health of the individual.

It could also lead to problems such as eye strains where the eyes are glued on a screen for too long. Some games may also be too scary while others are rough thus imparting on negative skills to the players especially young children. A behavior once learnt cannot be unlearnt that easily and so this will be detrimental for the child at the end.