Gaming for hours: Is it good for you?

So, the much-beloved and I recently bought a games console, and the fact is that we love it. There are a lot of different games available, and we love playing them together. The only problem with doing this is that we can spend many an hour in front of the TV, sitting very still, and watching the time fly by.

But is it good for you? Should you really be spending a lot of hours sitting in front of your games console? The fact of the matter is that it’s not exactly good for you, which is why we’ve decided to do something about it.

We all need to exercise

f you sit in front of a game for hours, you’re not going to get the exercise that you need. This means that your health could suffer, or you simply won’t be as fit as others. I started making amends by taking up martial arts, buying the equipment from, and generally just moving about a bit more. This means that when I do sit in front of a game, I know that I’ve done enough exercise, and I’m not missing out.

It’s too easy to snack on something ‘Quick’

When you’re gaming and you’re starting to feel hungry, it’s all too easy to get something ‘Quick’. Whether it’s a packet of chips, some sort of candy bar, or a slice or two of pizza, it’s easy to shovel it down, and get on with the game you’re playing. This can lead to weight gain, bad health, and you generally just feeling run down. You can avoid this by having fruit (Dried fruit is good), and healthy drinks beside you. This means that you end up eating something good, while you game.

You may also want to think about stopping, having a good meal, and then getting back to it, rather than just sticking with snacks.

Gaming in moderation

Gaming in moderation is a good thing, it’s like anything else: It should all be done in moderation. This means that you shouldn’t spend many hours on it, you should have a few hours of gaming, then go on to do something else, and a few hours, later, do something else you enjoy. If you game in moderation, you are less likely to become addicted to it, and you’re more likely to appreciate it when you do find the time to sit down and play.

Gaming for hours at a time is not good for you, so just make sure that you’re sensible about it, and you’re conscious about how long you play for, and how it affects your day.