Is gaming bad for you?

The world of gaming is a large one that attracts people of all ages. Many people play for a few hours at a time, while others tend to play for a lot longer. Gaming can be quite exciting, it can be challenging, and it can be rewarding too. But, is sitting in front of a screen for hours at a time a good idea, or is it bad for you?

The downside to gaming

Gaming can involve sitting still for long periods of time. There have been a few cases of deep vein thrombosis which stem from sitting down for too long.

Gaming can somewhat alienate you from the outside world, and take you to another place that simply isn’t reality.

The habit of gaming can become quite expensive, there are a lot of games out, and there are a lot of new and ‘Improved’ consoles available too.

The upside of gaming

But there is an upside of gaming, and it’s one that some people don’t realize exists. Those who aren’t gamers aren’t aware that:

Gaming can get you in touch with people who have similar interests

Gaming can help you to communicate with others if you choose to team up with people

Gaming can help you to escape a harsh reality, and offer you a chance of happiness if your life is not going too well.

Realistically speaking…

Realistically speaking, gaming doesn’t have to take over your life; it can simply be a part of your life, just like anything else. The truth is that those who didn’t grow up with the concept of gaming often fail to understand what it offers.

Gaming can be a part of your life, no matter who you are or what job you do. Whether you work for Dog day care in Thornhill, you’re a doctor or a stay at home mom, gaming can be a good part of your life, and offer you a great source of entertainment.

So can it be bad for you?

If you do too much of anything, it can be bad for you. If you keep everything in moderation, then things will be ok. The trouble starts when you begin to get addicted to gaming, and you spend at least 6 hours a day, playing games, rather than working, exercising, eating and living a ‘Normal’ life.

On the whole, if you enjoy gaming, and it doesn’t have a negative effect on your life, then no, it isn’t bad for you at all.