The magical connection between Jigsaw puzzles and the brain

From time immemorial, we have been encouraged to engage in puzzle games as they enhance critical thinking, increase our concentration, sharpness as well as memory. The thinking behind the encouragement for people to solve jigsaw puzzles is that it enables them to be more alert, think critically and essentially retain more information in their brains. The human mind is composed of two separate lobes (hemisphere) referred to as the right and left brain. The left brain is concerned with linear functions while the right brain deals or is concerned with holistic tasks and emotions.

In essence, the right brain is emotional, creative and intuitive while the left brain is concerned with following sequences and thinking logically. What jigsaw puzzles does is that it enables the brain to effectively exercise both sides of your brain. Studies opine that when a person solves a jigsaw puzzle, there is continuous activity in their brains the result of which the brain becomes more efficient.

Dopamine is a chemical essentially produced by the brain and is primarily responsible for memory and learning. When someone is involved in the solving of a jigsaw puzzle, dopamine production increases during the period of time the jigsaw puzzle is being solved. For those who view jigsaw puzzles as a boring activity, it is imperative to note that jigsaw puzzles have immense benefits to the brain.

For one, jigsaw puzzles serves to expand a person’s imagination and creativity, increases their level of concentration and makes them to be more alert. Conversely, prolonged constant looking of the images means that a person is able to effectively practice visualization. As if that is not enough, jigsaw puzzles serve to keep a person at peace with himself hence lowering blood pressure, breathing rate, as well as reduction of heart rate.

In line with the above mentioned benefits, more and more people are increasingly resorting to solving jigsaw puzzles as a way of ensuring that they become critical thinkers, creative and enhance visualization. For this reason, individuals can either get jigsaw puzzles from a retail store or they can simply get the same from an online jigsaw puzzle store. Online jigsaw puzzle stores are convenient and ensure that you get jigsaw puzzles from the comfort of your own home or even office.

However, proper measures should be put in place to ensure that you do business with legitimate online jigsaw puzzle stores. Take into consideration aspects such as reputation, quality of services, speed of delivery, affordability and so on and so forth. With so many online jigsaw puzzle stores, finding the right one that effectively meets your needs, tastes and preferences could be a tall order. Go for online stores that have high positive reviews, ones that are recommended and whose reputation is above board. After all, jigsaw puzzles work wonders on mental alertness, improves brain functions, and frees your brain of any clutter. Alternatively, prolonged solving of jigsaw puzzles has been found to increase a person’s life span, make them critical thinkers as well as ensure that they have peace of mind.