Can gaming teach you about life?


If you ask anyone who has never sat in front of a console before, they will tell you that gaming simply cannot teach you about life. The fact of the matter is that it can teach you about life, but it all depends on the type of games that you play.


Young children are often encourage to learn how to do maths, read, and even get creative via a games console. Many games directed towards the young, can help them to learn, and inevitably master a wide range of skills that they would not learn until they went to school.


But when kids get older, and they’re sat in front of games that involve them shooting zombies, or the enemy during world war II, what can they possibly learn? The fact is that they won’t always learn things that are very realistic, but they will and can learn about historical events, which guns were used in the war, and even who was on what side.


Getting out there and living life


Gaming will only teach you about life to a degree, you simply cannot learn all that you need to know, via a games console. Getting out there and living life is the best way to do this, but this isn’t to say that playing various games is not worthwhile.


A lot of driving games will teach you the basics about driving a car, or even a truck, but it won’t show you exactly what driving is really like, there will always be a few differences.


Fighting games will enable you to relieve your frustration, but they won’t tell you exactly how to do the manoeuvres. What’s more is you may not know exactly what gear you need to keep you safe in a fight (Go to for more information), or exactly what you need to do in order to stay alive.


Gaming can in theory teach you a lot about life, and it’s safe to say that games are getting more and more realistic, but no-one will be able to learn all that they need to know about life, through a game.


I guess that in the future, we will all have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of gaming, whether we’re sitting in front of a console, or we’re immersed in a virtual reality world. It’s definitely safe to say that for now, games can only teach you so much, but if you want to learn about life, then you need to live it for real.


Gaming: Making life more of an adventure

file0001556040045There seems to be a lot of negative press about gamers and their lifestyles. Some people claim that gaming isn’t very good for you, and it can ensure you lose touch with reality. For the most part, those that make these claims have never ventured into the world of gaming, or they have, and they decided it wasn’t for them.

The world of gaming can be a very exciting one, and these days it can even help you to communicate with people all over the world. Although I’m not as much of a gamer as I used to be, I know for a fact that it can make life more of an adventure.

Life can be better when you game

It doesn’t matter what kind of game you play, life can seem a lot more fun and interesting if you spend some time fighting zombies, killing dragons, or simply trying to solve a puzzle. This is because it can add something different to your day, especially if you’re bored and you’re not sure what to do. Alternatively gaming can help to add a bit of excitement to your life, if that is what you’re looking for.

I used to use gaming as a means of escapism when life was pretty hard. Not only did it help me to forget my troubles for a while, but through gaming, I was able to meet and make friends with like-minded people. These people are still my friends many years later, so anyone who say is gaming is bad for you, doesn’t know the full story.

Can you find excitement elsewhere?

The fact of the matter is, you can. I now get a lot of excitement from going on Yurt Holidays, doing a spot of climbing from time to time, and meeting up with my friends. However, this excitement does not stop me from gaming now and again, as it’s something I just love to do.

Using the skills you learn from gaming

Apparently the following is true: While straying onto a wood in Norway with his sister, a young boy was confronted by a moose. The moose was going to attack, but the boy protected his sister and himself, by using skills that he had learned in a mass media online role playing game. This just goes to show that some skills can be translated and used in real life.

So what did the boy do? He taunted the moose to protect his sibling, so the moose would leave his sister alone. Then, they both played dead, and the moose got bored and left. These skills that the boy learned gaming, ultimately save the life of his sister, and his too. This just goes to show that perhaps there’s a lot more to the world of gaming than we think.

I’m pretty confident that if there was a zombie apocalypse, my younger brother would have no trouble blasting them away. I’m also confident that he would know where to hide, and when to run. I know a zombie apocalypse is unlikely to occur, but that doesn’t mean his skills cannot be used elsewhere.

The world of gaming really can make life a lot more exciting, so why not give it a go and see what it does for you?


What is the future of gaming?

DICE 6The world of gaming is growing increasingly larger, and there are better ways of gaming too. Right now, we can play against someone on the other side of the world, or we can have them on the same team. The world of gaming has evolved so much that games can be incredibly realistic, sound effects are very life-like, and we can feel totally immersed in the goings-on.

So what is the future of gaming likely to be like?

There has been a lot of talk in the past about gaming, and the fact that it’s getting more and more realistic. Gaming will continue down this path as graphics get better, and games consoles are able to handle better graphics with ease. But realism aside, there could potentially be a lot more to the future of gaming.

Total immersion?

It’s likely that in just a few years gamers will be buying and wearing headsets that ensure they feel totally immersed in the game. Wear the headset, and it’s likely that when you look down at your feet, you’ll see the body of one of the characters in the game instead of your own.

This could potentially be an incredible way to play a wide variety of games, but it’s likely that it will be a while before it’s considered the norm.

The first few headsets are likely to be quite bulky, perhaps the response time won’t be so great, and there will be a few other tweaks needed. But, that will change a few years later as more and more games manufacturers try to bring out bigger and better models.

Will we live our lives in a game?

The trouble is that life-like gaming can make it easier for people to escape from reality. Sometimes games can be better than the reality that we face each day, and it’s concerning that this could potentially become our lives.

How can we avoid living in a virtual world?

When life is hard, it’s all too easy to escape into the virtual world, but we can make the real world better. You can start by dressing in clothes that you like, by doing your hair, if you’re not sure how, Read more here. You might also want to think about getting a job and being around those you love. This can help you to avoid living in a virtual world right now, and in the future when the virtual world is going to become more realistic.

But what about those predictions….?

It really is hard to say for sure what the future of gaming will be like, and this is because the world of gaming is constantly changing. I suspect that in 50 years’ time, we will see total immersion, we will be able to feel what happens in games (To a degree), and there’s a real potential for us to spend a lot of our lives talking to and almost living with people we wouldn’t otherwise meet.

It’s also likely that the world of gaming will become an inspiring and exhilarating one, that has the potential to leave the real world lagging behind.

Do healthy gamers exist?



When we think about gamers, we pretty much see an image in our minds of a 20-somehting year old guy who is slightly unkempt, overweight and sits in front of a screen all day. Thanks to the media, television programs and movies, most people think of gamers in this way.

The trouble is that this is a stereotype, and it’s one that is not correct. For example, my younger brother is in his thirties, he walks about 10 miles a day and watches what he eats. If you were to tell people that my younger brother is a gamer, they would probably be quite surprised.


The fact of the matter is that healthy gamers do exist, we as a society don’t tend to hear about them or acknowledge them as much as we do the stereotypical types. There are a lot of healthy gamers out there, they just happen to be people who enjoy gaming, and just as my brother does, undertake a bit of exercise and watch what they eat.

The gaming lifestyle

The gaming lifestyle does involve sitting for long periods of time, and staring at a screen, but this is something millions of office workers do around the country every day. While the office workers are unlikely to buy Sumo bean bags online so they can be a bit more comfortable when they play whatever game it happens to be, there are in essence doing the same thing.

The gaming lifestyle may well involve some people drinking a lot of soda, and eating a lot of processed high fat foods, but for the most part, it’s teenagers and those in their early twenties who tend to do this the most. You place young adults in a supermarket, and tell them to buy whatever they want, and most of them will buy something high in sugar, salt and fat.

Perhaps this is where the gaming stereotype came from, but the gaming is not like this for all gamers. The older gamers are likely to be more conscious about what they eat, and how long they spend in front of a screen.

An unfair stereotype

Healthy gamers do exist, in fact I was a gamer for about 10 years. I always watched what I ate, and I didn’t spend days on end locked in a dark room. The gamer stereotype is pretty much an unfair one, as for the most part, gamers have other commitments and simply cannot game 24/7.

Healthy gamers really do exist, but until society as a whole accepts that the stereotype is incorrect, they will continue to see it that way. I know that television and movies are slowly trying to change this misconception, but it’s likely to be years before we see a real difference.

If you are an unhealthy gamer

If you are an unhealthy gamer, and you want to change, then simply eat healthier foods, and try to get a little more exercise. You don’t have to go vegan or anything, just try to watch how much fat, sugar and salt you eat, and add a few of your favorite fruits and vegetables to your diet. As far as exercise is concerned, you don’t have to run a marathon, just try to be a little more active in all aspects of your life.

Think of it this way, if you eat a healthier diet, and you have more exercise, you’re going to be around a lot longer, which means you can enjoy gaming for longer too.

Is gaming bad for you?

The world of gaming is a large one that attracts people of all ages. Many people play for a few hours at a time, while others tend to play for a lot longer. Gaming can be quite exciting, it can be challenging, and it can be rewarding too. But, is sitting in front of a screen for hours at a time a good idea, or is it bad for you? (more…)

What Is A Video Console? Who Needs Video Consoles?

What is a video console? Who need to buy this kind of a game player? Well video games have become quite a common mode of playing especially by the children. The advancement of technology has seen the different video game manufacturers make the best and most advanced video games. A video game console is a device that is used to output video signals so that a video game can be displayed. Basically, a video game requires one to have a video game player and a computer monitor or a TV set. However, video game consoles are the ones that are used at home to play games on separate TV set as opposed to the ones that are handheld or the ones that can be used in the game arcades. (more…)

What is Gaming and is it Different from Sports?

People in most cases take games and sports to be one at the same time. The truth of the matter is that these are two different things all together. A game is an activity that involves more than one participants and the efforts of every individual counts. On the other hand, sporting activities only pertain to the skills and performance of the individual not the team. This means that it is the individual who is relied upon to bring out a good outcome in sports unlike in a game where the whole team will determine the outcome. In a game, the talent of an individual does not count but it does in a sport. Coordination of the members is more important therefore in a game to ensure success. An individual has no right to make a personal decision in a game. It must be a collective decision unlike in sports. (more…)

Learn about a Better Way to Spend Your Leisure Time

Learn about a Better Way to Spend Your Leisure TimeLeisure time is that time you have for yourself out of your busy schedule. It may be limited but you could make good use of the little or the much time you have.

What are some of the ways to make good use of this time? Sleeping and having your body rest could be a better option for some. Others would love travelling. Others would just opt to stay with families or friends. There are a thousand and one options depending on where your interests are.

What if you just sat down there in front of your screen or your computer and do some gaming? Could that not be a good and entertaining idea? While gaming may be used interchangeably with sports, there is usually a slight difference worth noting. When we talk of sports, there is usually an element of competition to come up with the winner.

On the other hand, gaming will mostly involve having fun and therefore winning or losing does not matter much. What are of importance are the fun as well as the experience you gain. What do you know about board games?

You can learn how to choose the best board games from plenty of resources on the internet from those people who have had an experience on them. You will get to know more about adult games as well as board games suitable for kids.

What are some of the benefits of gaming?

Research has shown that people who play games tend to be better in creativity, decision-making as well as high perception ability. Games usually affect how the minds operate. To play the game, you will need to have total concentration and fix your eyes on what you are doing.

This therefore improves you vision and this has been used as an explanation why people who play games have a good eye coordination and therefore can drive best at night and can as well make good surgeons. Are you anxious or in pain?

Did you know that playing a game could help relieve this? Researchers have shown prove that virtual gaming can be a good way to relieve pain and ease anxiety.

People undergoing serious forms of treatment such as chemotherapy can therefore be subjected to such games to reduce their fear. Some education curriculum have decided to include gaming in the syllabus because it can help children improve in their reading habits by helping them increase concentration on whatever they set to do.

Can playing video and computer games pose any danger?

While there are more benefits to the brain with gaming, there could be some risk on the other side. Results from most brain scans show that gaming can be a risk to brain development. But this is usually if it is done excessively.

While playing games, the only parts of the brain that are known to be active are those involved with movement and vision.

This means that the other regions especially those affecting emotion and behavior are less motivated and therefore develop less. While aggressive games are sometimes linked with high brain power, there could be some risk of translating this behavior to our real lives. This means that some people will tend to show violent behavior as learnt from the games.

This is why some of the aggressive games should be limited for children and teenagers since this is the most delicate age of their development where anything learnt is hard to change. Though there is no much evidence on this, we cannot ignore that it could be a possible effect.

Enjoying Life with Animal Sports

Enjoying Life with Animal SportsAnimals have a wide range of importance for man. There are some animals that are used as sources of food, others are used to work while there are those used to bring entertainment to man. Sporting activities are meant to be moments of fun as well as bringing people together. However, these sports need not be live events. Animal films or television series can be used for frictional as well as realistic sports on animals for entertainment purposes. There are a number of animals’ sports some of which only involve animals while others integrate roles by both animals and man.

Do animals require any training on sports?

There are those sports that animals can just do without training. However, most of the sports involve proper training since some people earn a living through this field. There are those who train their animals and take them out to compete with others where the winner is awarded and highly regarded. To some instances, some form of training may be too cruel to the animals yet there are few rules governing use of animals in sports and so the injuries sustained by such animals during training are in most cases ignored. However, if you have a passion for animals, then you need to think of a career that can allow you to help injured animals. For example, you could choose to become a veterinary and give good services to these animals. This is a job that can earn you a descent living because it is well paying and many people keep pets which have become part of their family and so take care of them just like other family members including medication issues.

What are some of the common animal sports?

Racing is one of the sports popular all over the world especially the horse racing. This may either involve animals racing on their own or having man ride on their backs. Dogs and pigeons are also involved in racing sports among others. Fighting is another common sport for animals. This may involve bulls, cows, cocks, dogs as well as camels. These are the most known animal fighting sports. However, some like cock and dog fighting are somehow cruel to the animals and are in most cases banned. Did you know that hunting is also an animal sport? I also didn’t know this. I though it is just a way of life. However, with domestication and agrarian revolution, hunting became a less frequent activity. People therefore decided to turn it into a sport especially for those in higher social classes.

What some people think about animal sports

Sometimes we tend to think that animals have no feelings and so we can direct them to do whatever we want. However, the truth of the matter is that animals also get depresses just like man. They get tired. Any injury on them causes pain too. Therefore, as much as we seek entertainment from animals, we should also consider that they too need tender care. We should avoid cruel sports just to our benefits. This is why there are animal lawyers to safeguard the rights of animals. Shooting an animal is fun, but don’t you think that the animal feels the pain? Fishing is also fun but do you imagine the effect of that piercing of the hook, the agony of letting the animals struggle to die since they cannot live without water? Anyway, some things cannot be avoided because we need these animals for food but it is good to take good care of animals to the best of our abilities.

Common Games That Parents Can Buy For Their Children

Common Games That Parents Can Buy For Their ChildrenMany parents would wish to have their children play board games and actually all sorts of games that can be bought. Now, these parents need to be guided so that they can buy the right kinds of games that will be suitable for their children. When you plan to buy board games  for your children, what are some of the factors that you must consider? Why do you need to buy certain games and not others? What are the factors that a parent needs to consider?

Well, below are a few factors that a parent may need to consider when they are buying board games for their children.

  1. Cost– this may not seem to be such a big factor to some parents. However, to others, they have to make sure that they have bought the games that are affordable to them. In as far as cost of the games is a factor, one need to make sure that they do not make orders for games that are costly or the games that may require frequent updating. You could also decide to buy the games as used. This means that you will buy them from the people who have played them and what to sell them at a much lower cost.
  1. Type of games– for the parents who have many children, they could decide to buy a variety of the games. This will make it easy for the children to play these games in turn. There are arcade games, board games, racing games and so on. Some of these games must be purchased online since they may not be available in the local stores. One could also decide to buy the games by downloading them from the websites that sell them. When you choose to download the games, then you must be able to make the purchases of the games and pay for them online.
  1. Age of the players– if you are buying games for kids, then you have to specify the age brackets of the children. You will definitely not need to buy adult games and give them to your children. They will not be suitable for them since the rules of these games as well as the manner of playing them could be too complicated for your children.

Common Board Games to Buy For Children

Perhaps board games are some of the most common games that parents buy for their children. The good thing with these games is that they can be played by both children and adults. With these games, you will be able to play the classic games and enjoy them with your children. Here are a few   of the classic board games that parents can consider to buy for their children.

  1. Scrabble-this is a very common game. It has been played by generations and parents can always take their time to play this board game with their children. One can buy a scrabble board and enjoy the game with their children at their own pleasure. This game can be played by children 8 years and above.
  2. Chutes and ladders– this is another of the classic games. The children will learn to take turns and accept the rewards and the consequences of the game. They also learn to count spaces. You have to spin the board so as you can move the pawn on the board.

One could also buy the Chinese checkers and have their children play them. In playing these games, one should keep their children occupied and happy at the same time.