The popularity of flying virtual reality planes

11 From the plane window Melbourne to Gold Coast 25July2015

I recently discovered that there’s a whole word of virtual reality planes out there. I was visiting my brother in law, and he showed me his cockpit, which basically consisted of a variety of gadgets that he’d made that resembled a proper cockpit. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed with this, and the game that he went on to show me.


It seems that you can fly quite realistic planes that you need to fly to and from various airports around the world, and you can do this in real time. This means that if a flight from one airport to another takes 6 hours in real life, it will take 6 hours in the game. That’s a lot of commitment! Incredibly, the virtual reality planes are so realistic, my charming brother in law, could fly a plane for real. I think that’s pretty amazing, and it seems I’m not the only one to think that.


This type of virtual reality plan flying is hugely popular, I just had no idea this concept existed, and that it was taken so seriously. After buying himself a cap, and adding a camera to it, so that the images on his monitors moves in line with his head movements, my brother in law now has a very realistic flying experience.



What can you do while flying?


As I mentioned earlier, a flight that takes 6 hours to complete in real life, will take 6 hours to complete in the game, so what can you do during this time? My brother in law, keeps an eye on his flight, as he would have to in real life, but he also does Stave Puzzles, while creating other bits of tech and reading all about Java. He certainly keeps himself busy! I guess you don’t have to be at the screen the whole of the flight, unless there are bad weather conditions.


If you’re flying a plane for real, you can probably put it on autopilot for a bit, and you’re no doubt informed when you need to take over. As long as my brother in law stays nearby, and he keeps an eye on how the flight is going, he can spend those 6 hours doing pretty much whatever he wants.


With training videos available, the opportunity to buy more planes, and learn how to fly those, it’s safe to say that this specific part of the gaming industry is going to be around for quite some time.