What Is A Video Console? Who Needs Video Consoles?

What is a video console? Who need to buy this kind of a game player? Well video games have become quite a common mode of playing especially by the children. The advancement of technology has seen the different video game manufacturers make the best and most advanced video games. A video game console is a device that is used to output video signals so that a video game can be displayed. Basically, a video game requires one to have a video game player and a computer monitor or a TV set. However, video game consoles are the ones that are used at home to play games on separate TV set as opposed to the ones that are handheld or the ones that can be used in the game arcades.

The various generations of video consoles

Now, what’s the best flat iron when it comes to the performance of video games? How do the past generations of video games compare to the current video game consoles? There have been a number of video game generations that have been manufactured since the idea of video games was conceived in the 1950s. We have had eight generations of the video games and this is to say that these video game machines and consoles have been improving over time. The emergence of new technologies has also been on a greater impact on the kind of video games that are produced nowadays. The current video games come with advanced technology and even with much more advanced video games and even the display models.

The first video game console which could be connected to a TV set was released in 1972 by Magnavox. The Magnavox Odyssey was the video game console that was manufactured by this company. This marked the first generation of these game players. These game consoles could play games such as hockey and Pong. In the following years, many other companies released video game players. This was after General Instrument released microchips that made it easy for the companies to manufacture video consoles. For this generation of video consoles, they could only play the games that came with the console. This is to say that these were dedicated video consoles and only played the game that they came with.

Other generations of video consoles

There are now up to 8 generations of the video games. The first generations are definitely obsolete at the moment. The 6th, the 7th and the 8th generations of the video game consoles are still usable and they are the most common at the moment. One of the things that can characterize the current generation of video game consoles is the advancement in the technology for making these consoles. The 8th generation of consoles has better hardware and integration with the other media and also increased connectivity. These are game consoles such as Sony Playstation 4, the Wii U and the X-box from Microsoft. The 8th generation video game consoles face a stiff competition from mobile platforms such as android and even Apple IOS. The fact that there are many games that can be played on Smartphone means that the video games are losing market share to the Smartphone games.