What is the future of gaming?

DICE 6The world of gaming is growing increasingly larger, and there are better ways of gaming too. Right now, we can play against someone on the other side of the world, or we can have them on the same team. The world of gaming has evolved so much that games can be incredibly realistic, sound effects are very life-like, and we can feel totally immersed in the goings-on.

So what is the future of gaming likely to be like?

There has been a lot of talk in the past about gaming, and the fact that it’s getting more and more realistic. Gaming will continue down this path as graphics get better, and games consoles are able to handle better graphics with ease. But realism aside, there could potentially be a lot more to the future of gaming.

Total immersion?

It’s likely that in just a few years gamers will be buying and wearing headsets that ensure they feel totally immersed in the game. Wear the headset, and it’s likely that when you look down at your feet, you’ll see the body of one of the characters in the game instead of your own.

This could potentially be an incredible way to play a wide variety of games, but it’s likely that it will be a while before it’s considered the norm.

The first few headsets are likely to be quite bulky, perhaps the response time won’t be so great, and there will be a few other tweaks needed. But, that will change a few years later as more and more games manufacturers try to bring out bigger and better models.

Will we live our lives in a game?

The trouble is that life-like gaming can make it easier for people to escape from reality. Sometimes games can be better than the reality that we face each day, and it’s concerning that this could potentially become our lives.

How can we avoid living in a virtual world?

When life is hard, it’s all too easy to escape into the virtual world, but we can make the real world better. You can start by dressing in clothes that you like, by doing your hair, if you’re not sure how, Read more here. You might also want to think about getting a job and being around those you love. This can help you to avoid living in a virtual world right now, and in the future when the virtual world is going to become more realistic.

But what about those predictions….?

It really is hard to say for sure what the future of gaming will be like, and this is because the world of gaming is constantly changing. I suspect that in 50 years’ time, we will see total immersion, we will be able to feel what happens in games (To a degree), and there’s a real potential for us to spend a lot of our lives talking to and almost living with people we wouldn’t otherwise meet.

It’s also likely that the world of gaming will become an inspiring and exhilarating one, that has the potential to leave the real world lagging behind.