What will future gaming consoles be like?

Many of us have probably looked at the world and been quite impressed with the technological changes that have occurred. This is probably due to a certain movie that came out in the 1980’s whereby the main characters travelled by car into the future. This no doubt caused people to think about the changes that have recurred, but also the changes that did not occur.

This movie got me thinking about what life might be like in about 20 years time. How will it have changed, what differences will we see? It also made me think about an important aspect of my life: Gaming. Ok, so I don’t get to go on my games console as much as I used to, but I still enjoy it.

In recent years, we have all seen huge changes take place in the world of gaming. Now, we can log in and play games with anyone in the world, while being connected to the internet. We can even watch television and surf the web on our consoles, while also downloading movies too, if we fancy it.

But what will future gaming consoles be like? What will they offer us that will change our lives for the better, or at least make things easier? Let’s take a look at that right now:

Cross-platform games

Right now, some games are only available on specific platforms, but the future could bring something different. With increasing compatibility coming into play, we could well see games that were specifically make for one console, being played on a completely different one. We could also see people who are playing on two entirely different consoles, enjoying MMORPG’s while working as a team.

More physical games

Games manufacturers know that we need to be more active, which is why a lot of them are developing games that get us moving. I think that in the future, we will be able to jump about, run on the spot, and be very active through-out a war game, for example, and mimic what someone would be doing in a real-life situation. The stereotypical overweight and lazy gamer will no doubt change into a fitter and much more active one if this takes place.

Creating games

There is already the opportunity to create games, but these opportunities are currently few and far between. I believe that we will all be given the chance to create games, and then have them played by our friends and team mates. The ability to create games will mean there will be a lot more available, and we can all experience the pleasure, and the hard work that goes into creating them.

Gaming in your room, and on your walls

In a virtual reality kind of way, I wonder if images will be sent from our consoles and into our rooms. The virtual reality room will no longer be limited to our screens, but they will find themselves in the room we happen to be in. This does mean that we will have to make sure our sister’s best curling wand is out the way, and Dad’s prized trophy doesn’t get damaged when we leap into action, but other than than, I think it will be a great submersible experience.

The above ideas are just ideas, predictions, if you will. No-one can say for sure what the future of game consoles holds, but it’s set to be a thrilling one.